New Voices, Old Traditions: Kelly Street Block Party 2015

This August Kelly Street had another great Block Party. Last year marked the return of this Kelly Street tradition (learn more by listening to Robert Foster: Kids on the Block) after several years of hiatus.


The young ladies of Kelly Street talk to us about how theBlock Party is back in full swing and what they love about Kelly Street.
StoryBlock was at the Block Party collecting stories with “Portrait for a Story” sessions. Keep on the lookout for the release of those stories and portraits soon!



One thought on “New Voices, Old Traditions: Kelly Street Block Party 2015

  1. Good Morning and Happy Monday

    Before the day leaves me, I wanted to take this time to thank you for the opportunity to attend the NOCD-NY Forum, Cultural Org % #DareToImagine.
    I made some community connections and also reconnected with others! It was a day full of activity, creativity and passion in developing community.
    Many of the artists and community leaders were surprisingly from Queens and Brooklyn supporting Bronx leaders on building a greater awareness and building the community in the Bronx, especially the south Bronx.
    In the morning, there were tours and conversations in different venues within blocks from the POINT CDS where we would be for most of the day.
    I happened to choose – Kelly Street Shines! A new artist residency space and community garden recently launched by The Laundromat Project (LP) (Make Art- Wash Clothes- Build Community) and STORYBLOCK. So much history is found when we stop and ask. Thank you.
    IAgain, I am grateful for the chance to go the forum and I’m looking forward to more of this kind of outreach in the future.
    With joy

    Awilda Aponte
    Community Support Supervisor
    ADS/Transitions & Jerome Ave Prevoc
    3600 Jerome Ave Bronx NY 10462


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