About the Artist

StoryBlock is collaboration between Sasha Phyars-Burgess and Alison Hall Kibbe inspired by the powerful people and stories that we met while working in partnership with the Kelly Street Garden in 2014 as Create Change Fellows with The Laundromat Project.

We wanted to keep learning and to celebrate the history and power that lives on Kelly Street and in the surrounding community.

Alison Hall Kibbe is a cultural organizer and multi-disciplinary artist working at the intersections of community, education and cross- cultural dialogue. Learn more at www.alisonkibbe.com

Sasha Phyars-Burgess is a photographer from Pennsylvania working with photographs to question how groups and communities of color are represented. More at http://www.sashaphyars-burgess.com/

The Kelly Street Garden is a community garden on Kelly Street powered by a group of block residents dedicated to making sure that the Kelly Street Garden thrives as a place for local residents to get and grow fresh, healthy food and as a safe space where the community can come together to continue the ongoing transformation of Kelly Street through art, wellness programs, and leadership training. More at www.kellystgreen.com


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